Kids Read needs 106 Ambassadors living in
Title One neighborhoods  to sponsor
one of our Read and Succeed libraries on
your property.  You will become part of an
exclusive group of people committed to 
helping raise the education opportunities
in children living in your neighborhood.

Contact Us and Sign Up Today!

We have placed libraries in these neighborhoods:

Murray Boys and Girls Club

Sugarhouse Boys and Girls Club

Murray District School Neighborhoods: Liberty (2), Parkside (3), Horizon (2), Viewmont (2), McMillan, & Longview

Granite District School Neighborhoods: Woodrow Wilson, Pioneer, David Gourley, Historic Scott School, & Central Park Community Center

Salt Lake District School Neighborhoods: Franklin, Glendale, Mountain View, Sammy Center in Millcreek, Parkview, U Partners Hartland Center, Edison, Rose Park, & Edison

Jordan District School Neighborhoods: Butterfield, Foothills, Heartland, & Herriman

Canyons District School Neighborhoods: Glacier Hills & Franklin Elementary